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JP-S5738218-A: Apparatus for conveying barrel patent, JP-S5738772-A: Carbostyril derivative patent, JP-S5739680-A: Device for averaging sampled period signal containing noise patent, JP-S5739830-A: Patient monitor apparatus patent, JP-S5740281-A: Formation of picture patent, JP-S5740344-A: Wholly closed cooling type electric rotary machine patent, JP-S5740361-A: Pulse width moldulation type dc-dc converter patent, JP-S5741016-A: Network for suppressing intermediate frequency modulating effect for compressor, expander and noise reducing system patent, JP-S5741143-A: Compound guide system of machine tool patent, JP-S5741295-A: Apparatus for running boat patent, CN-101073266-B: Method and system for streaming images to wireless devices patent, JP-S5741906-A: Manufacture of decorative board patent, JP-S5742353-A: Garbage disposal machine patent, JP-S5742608-A: Herbicidal composition patent, JP-S5742699-A: 9-dihydromycinamicin patent, JP-S5744193-A: Chord generator for electronic organ patent, JP-S574551-A: Method of and reagent for detecting fibrinmonomer patent, JP-S5746096-A: Impeller for centrifugal fan patent, JP-S5746125-A: Electrostatic capacity type liquid meter patent, JP-S5746795-A: Exfoliating device for label patent, JP-S5746856-A: Production of interior part for car patent, JP-S5747065-A: Bellows patent, JP-S5748169-A: Optical character reader patent, JP-S574895-A: Lifting gear for pallet patent, JP-S57500134-A: patent, JP-S57501436-A: patent, JP-S57501880-A: patent, JP-S5750498-A: Both-side wired board patent, JP-S5750547-A: Catalyst for treatment of waste gas patent, JP-S5751966-A: Wind power generation controlling apparatus patent, JP-S5752612-A: Motorcycle exhaust muffler patent, JP-S5755493-A: Indoor cooler for vending machine patent, JP-S5755543-A: Optical recorder and reproducer patent, JP-S5756751-A: Collection appratus of mercury patent, JP-S5756991-A: Device for fastening part patent, JP-S5757016-A: Output circuit for high frequency power patent, JP-S5758089-A: Heat exchanger for air conditioner patent, JP-S5758404-A: Amplifying circuit patent, JP-S575935-A: Polyester processed yarn for stocking patent, JP-S5759442-A: Rotor core and rotor for axial magnetic flux induction electric machine patent, JP-S5760857-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S5761386-A: Printer patent, JP-S576312-A: Measuring method of three-dimensional curved surface patent, JP-S5763252-A: Laminated sheet patent, JP-S5764178-A: Impedance measuring device for high frequency transsistor patent, JP-S576657-A: Reinforcing method for deodorizing effect using unglazed material patent, JP-S5766779-A: Generator for voice for hundred poem by one hundred poet patent, JP-S5768826-A: Camera patent, JP-S5769024-A: Method of controlling foam molding patent, JP-S5769400-A: Voltage signal transmitter patent, JP-S5769414-A: Detection system for numeric control position patent, JP-S5769597-A: Testing device of memory element patent, JP-S5770910-A: Recovery of heat energy in annexed circulation type generator and nox remover for exhaust combustion gas patent, JP-S5770955-A: Plasma ignition device patent, JP-S5770963-A: Device in application of wind-power energy patent, JP-S5771223-A: Electric device patent, JP-S5771846-A: Manufacture of magnesia cement formed body patent, JP-S5772035-A: Rocket motor testing stand patent, JP-S5772763-A: Casting mold patent, JP-S5773986-A: Adjustment of reflecting mirror for gas laser tube patent, JP-S5774161-A: Printing section for stencil printer patent, JP-S5774260-A: Brake booster patent, JP-S5774522-A: Combustion for gas turbine patent, JP-S5774576-A: Edible tube dryer patent, JP-S5775271-A: Continuous casting method for steel patent, JP-S5775486-A: Laser device patent, JP-S5775517-A: Fire fighting trough patent, JP-S5777026-A: Manufacture of alumina sol patent, JP-S5777359-A: Bag knitting method by traverse knitting machine patent, JP-S5778306-A: Method of mounting wire trough in railway vehicle patent, JP-S5778475-A: Recovery of cold heat patent, JP-S577943-A: Manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-S5779579-A: Analog arithmetic circuit patent, JP-S5779925-A: Release locking device of camera patent, JP-S5782127-A: Glass melting furnace patent, JP-S5782794-A: Fuel exchanging machine patent, JP-S5782936-A: Exhaust method for cathode-ray tube patent, JP-S5783108-A: Method of aerially mounting multiconductor transmission line patent, JP-S578326-A: Starting fuel correction device for efi engine patent, JP-S5784217-A: Front window of tractor patent, JP-S5784334-A: Measuring apparatus patent, JP-S5784981-A: Baking vessel for ceramics containing lead patent, JP-S5785041-A: Film feed circuit patent, JP-S5785354-A: Carbamic acid derivative patent, JP-S5786026-A: Method of and apparatus for measuring mass concentration of particles in gaseous medium patent, JP-S5786416-A: Packing method having buffer effect for china dish patent, JP-S578646-A: Device for printing and carrying out self-adhesive lavel stuck to carrter tape patent, JP-S578847-A: Information processor patent, JP-S5789508-A: Multi spindle drilling machine patent, JP-S579025-A: Proximity mat switch patent, JP-S5790742-A: Key for keyboard input device patent, JP-S57910-A: Power taking out mechanism of air-cooler for vehicle patent, JP-S5791261-A: Synthetic resin molding structure, onto surface thereof metal is spray-coated patent, JP-S5791648-A: Execution of groundwork for electric machine patent, JP-S579166-A: Picture shrinking device patent, JP-S5792317-A: Phase transition type liquid crystal display device patent, JP-S5792828-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S5793328-A: Photometric distribution switching device of camera patent, JP-S5793385-A: Parabolic body path indicator patent, JP-S579346-A: Remote-controlled actuator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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